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  • BIM Support for Design Development
  • Architectural BIM Modeling
  • Coordination With Trades
  • Construction Documentation
  • Visualization/ Walkthrough
  • Detail Drawing
  • Architectural Shop Drawing
  • BOQ Quantity Take-offs
  • Structural BIM Service
  • Design Development Support
  • Coordination With Trades
  • Construction Documentation
  • BOQ Quantity Take-offs
  • Detail Drawing
  • MEP BIM Service
  • Coordination With other Trades
  • Clash detection
  • MEP Shop Drawing
  • As Built Modeling
  • BOQ Quantity Take-offs
  • BIM Modeling
  • BIM Modelling support during Design
  • BIM Coordination with other trades
  • BIM Clash detection
  • BIM Contain creation
  • BIM As Built Modeling Updation
  • BOQ Quantity Take-offs
  • 4D BIM Service
  • 5D BIM Service
  • CAD Drafting Architecture/Structure/MEP
  • PDF to CAD Conversion Services
  • Hand Sketch to CAD Conversion
  • Red Line Markups Updates
  • CAD Detailing
  • Architecture Planning
  • Exterior Design

  • Interior Design

  • Landscape Design


BIM Service and CAD Drafting

Our architectural BIM services include 3D modeling, BIM, Construction Documentation, 2D drafting and detailing, and CAD conversion . Our knowledge and experience in architectural modeling coupled with our extensively skilled team ensure that the deliverables are of the highest possible accuracy and are competitively priced. Complimenting this is our strict and refined Quality Control (QC) process. We invest heavily into understanding client company standards and emphasize establishing a good working relationship with the client.

We offer the following Architectural BIM services
  • Architectural BIM Modeling
  • BIM Design Development
  • Coordination With Other Trades
  • Facade BIM Modeling
  • Construction Documentation
  • Architectural Detail Drawing
  • Architectural Shop Drawing
  • BOQ Quantity Takeoffs
  • Visualization
  • Walkthrough

Our services are focused on assisting our clients in cutting downtime and costs, offering them more value for money than what can be gained from conventional 2D drafting. Building Information Modeling(BIM) is a great tool for visualization. It enables a three-dimensional virtual representation of the building. During a project’s bidding phase, renderings, walkthroughs, and sequencing of the model may be presented with better clarity.


Backed by an in-house team of highly skilled BIM engineers with proficiency in Autodesk Revit, we have been offering Structural BIM services to clients spread across the globe since the last decade.

Over the past decade, we have successfully completed a significant number of Structural BIM projects of varying complexities for Residential, Commercial and Industrial structures. It is this vast experience our team possess that enables them to seamlessly transform your schematic designs and construction drawings into clean Revit BIM models with parametric families irrespective of its complexity.

We offer the following structural BIM services
  • Structural BIM Modeling
  • BIM-Based Cost Estimation (5D BIM)
  • Design Development Support
  • Coordination With Others Trades
  • Construction Documentation
  • BOQ Quantity Takeoffs
  • As-Built Modeling
  • Structural Detail Drawing
  • Accurate BOQ Preparation
  • Structural Shop Drawing

The structural BIM services offered by us are focused on bridging the gap between your design and the fabrication stage.

The proficient team at Abacus gives the structural BIM modeling a new dimension by blending it with advanced analysis and design capabilities which ensure efficient cost and time management practices. The models we provide can further be used to calculate building material and resources required for the project. Our expert team also helps engineers in creating families for structure detailing like joists, Anchor bolts, trusses etc.

Know our resource pool

We have a well-developed and established team of structural engineers, structural BIM models and structural detailers each with experience ranging from 2-15 years. Over the years we have worked with the giants in the AEC industry in some of the prestigious projects of the 21st century. It is this experience in working on projects spread across the globe that make our resources capable of easily adapting to the building standards and codes of the clients’ location.

  • AISC- American Institute of Steel Construction
  • CISC – Code of Standard Practice for Structural Steel
  • BS – British Standards
  • CRSI standards – The Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute Standards
  • RCSC Standards – Research Council on Structural Connections
  • ACI standards – American Concrete Institute Standards
  • AS – Australian Standards
  • ASTM Standards – American Society for Testing and Materials Standards

Our Quality Assurance:

The immense growth we have had over the years to be one among the leading BIM service provider can be attributed to the strict adherence to the quality we
maintain on every project. We are a renowned team of engineers known for the impeccable quality of the deliverables making us a highly sought for workforce for the
CAD and BIM needs of the AEC industry.

We have an in-house team of dedicated quality analysts responsible for closely monitoring the drawings at every stage for any discrepancies or flaws. This team with a
close eye for detail ensures that there aren’t any errors or flaws that are left unattended to in the final deliverables.


MEP BIM Services is a process of developing an information rich 3D model which is concerned with the mechanical, electrical and plumbing aspects of the building. MEP systems of a building are important in ensuring the performance of the building at any stage in its lifecycle.

Abacus offers full-service solutions for all your MEP Building Information Modeling (BIM) requirements. We place ourselves before the AEC industry as a conversant workforce of MEP/HVAC engineers with a combined experience of over 150 years and ample experience in providing MEP BIM services to various sectors which include educational institutions, healthcare, plants, residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Driven by the extensive experience gained from our association with HVAC/ MEP consultants, contractors, fabricators, and manufacturers around the globe for the past decade, we provide MEP/HVAC BIM services of impeccable quality while strictly adhering to the international industrial standards set by ASHRAE, SMACNA, NFPA, and IEEE.

We offer the following MEP BIM services

  • MEP BIM Modeling
  • MEP Coordination With other Trades
  • MEP Clash detection
  • MEP Shop Drawing
  • As Built Modeling
  • MEP BOQ Quantity Takeoffs

BIM Services

Consult Us to Control Your Project from Inception to Final Built. We are  comprehensive BIM Modeling service providers with cost and time efficacy.

Abacus Architecture & Engineering Consultant is a leading BIM Company established with the goal of providing comprehensive BIM Services in a quick turnaround time. In the past we completed over numbers of projects for renowned AEC firms in USA, Canada, UK, Europe and Australia. The formula of our success lies in our client centric approach wherein we embrace their unique business needs and practices along with ours to provide qualitative BIM Support.

We have a multidisciplinary team with advanced technical knowledge who can create high-quality BIM models which enables our clients to gain a competitive edge. We always ensure that we stay updated on the market trends and are well versed in all the international codes and standards. Our wide range of high-quality BIM Modeling Services include CAD to BIM Conversion, 4D BIM, 5D BIM and Quantity Take-offs etc. We can handle complex projects with unique requirements and are experts in developing BIM models of various Level of Detailing (LOD 200, LOD 300, LOD 350, LOD 400, and LOD 500). Once the building has been constructed, we also provide As-Built BIM Services for the purpose of documentation and facility management for proper maintenance of the building.


We offer the following BIM services

We offer the following BIM services

  • BIM Modeling
  • BIM Modelling support during Design Development
  • BIM Coordination with other trades
  • BIM Clash detection
  • BIM Contain creation
  • BIM As Built Modeling
  • BOQ Quantity Takeoffs
  • 4D BIM Service
  • 5D BIM Service

Our Capabilities as a BIM Modeling Service Provider

We are a team of highly skilled and adaptable engineers, capable of delivering customized BIM modeling services. Our BIM models are carefully tailored and contain data and fabrication level details as required by the client. Depending on the required BIM output we can develop

Architectural CAD Drafting Services Outsourcing

Today’s Architect, with the world of visualization and technology at his / her feet, has a new problem to deliver. Thousands of Architectural CAD Drafting services we have mushroomed across the world to help them in this endeavor.

The main objective of the Architectural CAD drafting services is to offer quality drawings and let the architects concentrate on the creativity part. We are living in a fiercely competitive world, the Economy demands justifying one’s existence all the time by delivering a novel design that meets all client criteria while fitting into the time and money constraints that govern the firm’s profitability- Architectural Drafting Services lighten a designer’s workload and ensure top-quality output every time.

Add to this: client’s increased awareness; architects raising the bar every day; the unrestrained creativity that technology allows; and not to mention the architect’s own flaming desire to be known for his unique designs. CAD Drafting Services play a vital role in this complex scenario working from behind the scene.

In short, designers have a greater need today to focus on creativity and implementation. Architectural design and drafting needs to be top-flight every time for the designer to make a mark on the world stage.

With the drawings carrying increased legal liability in the AECO world, a separate focus is needed on production of error-free drawings- this is where CAD Drafting India comes into the picture.

The AEC Associates offers Architectural CAD Drafting Services Outsourcing to cater to this very need. We specialize in drafting CAD, CAD conversion services and a host of other disciplines.

With the experience of over million square feet of projects delivered across the world for some of the world’s best Design firms, The AEC Associates,with its Architectural cad drafting services, brings to the table a team and a process that understands your work and delivers per your needs. If you want to outsource CAD drafting, we are the best in the field.

Our Architectural CAD Drafting includes

  • Architectural Drafting Services from a free hand sketch
  • Cad Conversion from a PDF/ paper drawing
  • Drafting from a red-lined PDF
  • Editing CAD files from mark-ups
  • Correcting CAD standards
  • Conversion between CAD and other platforms/software

CAD Documentation services

Our teams consist of qualified architects with experience of working on projects around the globe. Each team is led by a senior architect and supported by our in house quality assurance team to ensure that the final output is accurate and reliable. When it comes to CAD drafting and design, The AEC Associates is second to none. Try our architectural cad drafting service by sending a sample project for estimation. Do remember to ensure the following are part of your RFQ:
  • Sample project in CAD and PDF
  • CAD standards
  • Input files
  • The Brief – outlining the task to be performed
  • Schedule of deliverables